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End-of-year dinner June 12, 2005

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Friday was the IC AnimeSoc’s End-of-year dinner and as the society’s newest quasi-official member I was invited to go along. I’ll try not to repeat myself again, but I’ve been dead chuffed by how welcoming everyone’s been. It’s almost a month since I started staking out the AnimeSoc forums and since then I’ve attended two screenings, taken a trip to London Anime Club, been to see The Cat Returns at the cinema and now gone on a dinner, which is good going for a month-old friendship.

We went to a really nice Iranian restaurant in Kensal Green, which is north-west London and two tube stops away from Nimer and Lizzy’s place (we should go sometime guys!). A funny pick for an AnimeSoc I know, but the current President is Iranian, so there you go. As it turned out the restaurant was beautiful, authentically decorated with fountains, stone ovens, parrots (!), vases, carved stone and huge table with Arabian rugs. Very atmospheric. Said atmosphere was probably slightly overcome with the enthusiastic laughter of 15 close friends (and me!), but we had our own ‘private room at the back’ anyway….. The whole place was infused with fabulous smells, from the meat to the Shashish (the bubblicious pipe flavoured pipe-smoking thing – dunno if I got the name right), as the flashes of a dozen digital cameras gave out to the giggles of Kayleigh and Yihlynn, the only two girls at the event. I think the waiter was a little bit frightened….. thank goodness Iranian restaurants don’t serve alcohol.

Iranian food consists mostly of huuuge dishes of fabulously grilled meat. Mmmm, meat…. but I’m assured there are a great many vegetarian options too – skewered vegetables, humus and the like. I think we all got more than we bargained for – Ryo and Kishore made the mistake of ordering the ‘extra large special’ too! It was a lovely meal and a lovely evening, the type you can only have with a large group of friends in celebration of something or other. I took a bunch of group photos for them all, the girls ‘persuaded’ the guys to hug for photos and after several heartfelt farewells we rounded it off with a crazy attempt to watch anime on the Bakerloo line (students and their laptops eh?).

There’s a joke going round that I’m now ‘part of the family’ which, aside from the Godfather motif, is rather touching. As I’ve alluded to previously, it’s a new experience for me to meet so many people sharing the same interest. To be candid (and heck, it’s my blog so why the hell not), I often feel like there’s two sides to me. There’s the ‘mature’ 25 year old me: working, worrying about his career, responsibility, moving out and trying to keep up with those trend-setting, marrying, mortgage-entering friends. On the other hand, there’s the ‘young’ 25 year old me: the youngest person in his company, who enjoys cartoons, loves stuffed animals (!), lie-ins, travelling, partying with new people, dreams that anything is possible in the future and absolutely adores anime. Over the past ten years the anime side of things has really dropped, to the point where only Yih-Horng, on his fleeting three month visits from Liverpool, really shares the interest and as such I’ve almost had to hide it at times. It’s such a wonderful release to let this side out once in a while and meeting such an infectious bunch at IC has been really great. Two sides of a whole, now blending into one….jeez I sound like an ITV drama. Anyway, it explains why I’m so looking forward to going back to Uni in October. The term ‘mature student’ seems somewhat appropriate, because the terms ‘mature’ and ‘student’ are rather incongruous. ^_-



1. k-li - June 17, 2005


gotta love us ^_-

*glomps keat*

but yeah we are a very welcoming bunch ^_^ … and you are a very nice person so you fit right in ^_^

and wow … you spelled my name right … noone knows how to spell my name!!! *claps*



2. Aya_s - June 18, 2005

Hehe, spelling is my speciality!

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