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School Rumble Ep1-17 June 8, 2005

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Agh! Dammit, when am I gonna concentrate on one series and stop starting new ones! But then again I am a sucker for high-school romantic-comedies and School Rumble has more than a hint of Kare Kano about it – though much less pondering and much more comedy. I’ve had these eps sitting around for months but I was finally forced to marathon watch them to make an IC AnimeSoc screening. I’m glad I did, ’cause School Rumble is great!

It starts off as the story of Tenma Tsukamoto, an dizzy high-school girl who longs to confess her love to the rather odd boy Karasumaru. Little does she know, she is herself the object of affection, for school delinquent Harima Kenji. He too longs to confess his love, but how can a deliquent do so without ruining his reputation? Not that he can bring himself to confess at all….

Thus begins another high-school ‘love-love’ frenzy, a school rumble if you will. In true Kare Kano fashion the plot soon incorporates more and more side-characters, put in slowly at first but then growing in importance and character. Unlike Kare Kano, there are no long philosophical ponderings here, just direct teen slapstick action! The episodes are incredibly innovative for such a cliched genre (the swimming pool ep, the beach ep, they’re all here), though that probably has a lot to do with the bizarreness! At one point Harima’s seemingly jokey ‘animal friends’ becomes a serious plot device. Since when do the throwaway gags become serious plot devices?

Of course no romantic anime can work without porper pacing and good character chemistry to tug on the hearstrings, and School Rumble is as sweet as they come. With good animation and an annoyingly catchy theme tune, this is 100% pure entertainment.


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