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LAC June 7, 2005

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On Sunday I finally went to the London Anime Club, after several years of “ooh shall I go?”. I had previously been discouraged for three reasons: 1) I didn’t want to go on my own; 2) It’s on the other side of London; and 3) It involves getting up reasonably early on a Sunday morning! I’m have a feeling it was more number 3 than any of the others…..

Anyway, I was persuaded to forego those reasons because of my newfound friends at the IC AnimeSoc. If a bunch of people are going it makes it more worthwhile and negates the possibility of getting lost… or so I thought. Of course a couple of people dropped out, including our guide, so the rest of us ended up wandering around in circles until we eventually found the place! D’oh!

When I first read about LAC I was really excited about meeting other anime fans, but had a semi-realistic image in my mind of a small dark smoky pub and lots of quiet people. I wish I’d dispelled that image because LAC is nothing like that. The Hogshead in Tower Hill is quite easy to get to, bright, very spacious and full of lots of friendly, talkative, like-minded people. LAC rents out the whole thing for the day, which means anime on all the big screens, a separate screening room, dealers, the excellent free (deposit permitting) LAC DVD library and of course a bar serving food and good drink! The number of fans there did surprise me somewhat and it was good to have a few of the IC AnimeSoc people with me to help start conversation. The dealers, including the excellent Otaku.co.uk, were expectedly expensive but full of tempting treats like plushies, OSTs, models, art-books, DVD’s and manga. Lucky for me I was broke! I met a few more AnimeSoc members and a couple of ‘semi-official’ members as well as a rather nervous Japanese guy. The screening schedule was a little eclectic with advanced episodes of a lot of series ranging from Basilisk to Tsubasa and Elfen Lied. Thankfully though a few first episodes were on so I finally got to start Eureka 7. We also discovered the extremely disturbing Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, but more on that elsewhere.

Overall, it was a lovely, sunny day spent sitting in a dark room watching anime! But socialising as well. I look forward to going again and for anyone previously reluctant, it’s worth the effort! See you there!


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