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Another loooooooong weekend June 6, 2005

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After the mammoth social-fest that was the bank holiday weekend, you’d think the last thing I’d want to do would be another jam-packed weekend. But you have to take opportunity when it comes.

I had a reasonably serene Friday at the IC AnimeSoc watching 6 episodes of School Rumble. The fact that I’d been marathon watching 11 episodes in preparation may explain my tiredness over the week….. but the really tiring activity came the day after.

A friend of Nimer’s had invited me to go paintballing on Saturday. For those that don’t know, this agame where a bunch of you go into the woods and shoot each other with guns that fire paint. It is indeed a boy’s game, though of course there were plenty of girls taking part. I’d always wanted to try it, being a boy and all, so I accepted. Come Saturday morning I was regretting said decision, being in serious need of a lie-in, but off to Surrey we trotted. After a few burgers to the war-like hums of Abba blaring from the loudspeakers (no seriously), we were indulging in a spot of violence. It was reasonably fun. The weather was nice and temperate, sunny with the odd sudden rainfall and godo for crawling around in army camouflage playing sniper with the next guy. There were 21 of us but we had to play against a group of 12 bankers from JP Morgan who, true to their profession, cheated their way through the whole game. It doesn’t take much to get the blood boiling when you have a gun in your hand and soon enough the games turned serious. Paintballing in full flow is indeed carnage. On one field there was the paintball equivalent of the D-day landings, with 50 people hiding behind giant cushions, chucking grenades, smoke-bombs everywhere and gunfire whizzing through the air as squads of two’s and three’s directed each other with hand-signals. It doesn’t take much for boys to get militant. Despite our superior numbers, we ended up losing most of the games quite badly, except the last one where we made courageous kamikaze runs at the opposition base. That was fun. As it turned out, I didn’t need to worry about bullets at all, because true to real life, I conserved my ammo like my life depended on it.

Moral of this experience: If you suck at Halo, you’re unlikely to be much better at the real thing.

Despite being knackered, bruised and aggravating my old knee injury, I still had an engagement to go to the pub. Naomi Takemoto, one of the nicest teacher’s we’ve had in Japanese class is leaving us this week – a good excuse to go for a few pints! It was a good night, although I don’t think my brain quite functioned well on on the Japanese-speaking level. Nevertheless, I managed to make it all the through and during the train-ride home with Junko-san. I can hold my own talking to attractive Japanese women – now there’s progress for you.

I needed a lie-in and really should have done some study and reading for my course. But despite that I was up at 9am to go to the London Anime Club with some people from IC AnimeSoc. I thought I’d go for a few hours, but ended up out for most of the day, leaving only the evening to collapse in front of 24.

‘Twas indeed a long and tiring weekend. And after all this, I had the shock of discovering my overly indugent two weeks has taken me into my overdraft!!! I’ve got just enough in my wallet to see The Cat Returns and attend the IC AnimeSoc end-of-term dinner this week. But it’s going to be a lean, lean two weeks. Lean, lean, lean. Though I probably need the rest.



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