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WKW overload!!! June 2, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

Typical, you wait around ages for WKW stuff and everything always happens at once. After the 2046 explosion, the BFI have finally released a book. Wong Kar-Wai: Auteur of Time by Stephen Teo looks like a decent book and I’d expect BFI titles to be enlightening and in-depth. Definitely good to have one other book to add to Wong’s solo, expensive-and-hard-to-obtain, effort. It’s on my list, though why, oh, why does this stuff always come out when I have no money???

In even more exciting news, the NFT is planning a Chris Doyle season. No details as yet, but you’d expect to see plenty of WKW alongside the likes of Last Life in the Universe, Hero and Rabbit Proof Fence. With any luck they’ll have the prints of Days of Being Wild, Fallen Angels and Chungking Express that they used in last year’s WKW season. Chungking Express on the big screen is always a cause for massive celebration! I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s there.

EDIT: The list of films has been released and can be found here. Chungking Express is on three times!!! Heaven…….


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