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Swimming Pool (2003) June 2, 2005

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I admit it, I wanted to watch this for one reason and one reason only: I adore Ludivigne Sagnier. Nevertheless, Francois Ozon is a well-respected director, though with only 8 women under my belt perhaps I’m not in the best position to offer opinion.

Swimming Pool is the intriguing story of an uptight crime-writer, Sarah Morton (Charlotte Rampling), struggling for inspiration and taking solace in her publisher’s French holiday home. She soon begins work on a new book, only to be interupted by her publisher’s rebellious daughter Julie (Sagnier). Julie’s promiscuous ways soon stir-up the entire town and you can sense that tears will indeed be around at the end.

It’s a plot based on intrigue and sex. Put simply, it boils down to the old English prude versus the rude French Lolita. It’s a little more fascinating than that, but moves too slow to be gripping. Nevertheless, as the plot thickens you do start to wonder how this will turn out. The characters are reasonably well fleshed out (no pun on Ozon’s ‘wandering camera’ intended), although the odd ‘mad’ character trait seems a tad unnecssary. A final plot twist left me slightly confused and rather cheated, but I’ll never tire of watching Ludivigne. ^_-



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