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5 day weekend! Woo-hoo! May 29, 2005

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Time off! Woo-hoo! After the madness at work, I was given Friday off as an extra day, which on top of the weekend, bank holiday Monday and our charity’s extra ‘privelage day’ (we get them almost every bank holiday) makes for five whole days off!

For the last few weeks though I’ve been feeling a little down, no doubt because of the pressure of work. I think the routine just wore me down and I missed meeting new people and the feeling that life is full of possibility and uncertainty. That all changed this week though. Not to sound too cliched, but it’s funny how the sun came out this week (it was soooooo hot!) and I met a whole bunch of interesting people!

Firstly, on Thursday night I met up with a friend I met at Sonya’s leaving party. She was really interesting (and not in a pervy way). She’s Japanese and it turns out she earned the money to study here by working as a freelance manga artist! Not only that, but she has travel experience that puts me to serious shame. She’s been all over the Far-east, and I mean literally everywhere. Plus she told me a story about how she randomly travelled to Morocco, got straight on a train, off at the wrong stop and ended up staying with a random family for a week -even though they all spoke no English (and def no Japanese!). She’s really into her world cinema too, so I’m pleased to have found a new cinema buddy.

Friday was my day off, which I promptly wasted lazing around. The big event of the day though, was my first visit to the Imperial AnimeSoc! I’ve been hanging out on their forum these last few weeks, thrilled at meeting some like-minded anime fans. They all sounded like cool people, but I was naturally a little nervous at meeting them face to face. It’s weird isn’t it, you can talk to people for ages online, but when you meet in person you struggle for things to say! No hiding behind my Chiyo-chan avatar in real-life. Plus, we’ve been reading each other’s blogs and websites, so it’s a little weird to know things about someone without having met them! Thankfully though, they didn’t think I was a complete weirdo (which I’m not of course…not much anyway). I enjoyed the anime screening and I’m really looking forward to meeting more of them and doing AnimeSoc activities. I realised I’ve kind of been keeping this side of me hidden (occasionally leaking out onto my Genki blog) because there are few people I can really talk to about it. Most people I know think it’s a little geeky, no? It’s a lonely at times. So I am so pleased to have met people with a similar interest. Hello all! Looking forward to hanging out with you more!

I had to get up Saturday because I’d arranged to meet another friend from Sonya’s party for lunch. She was, yes, another Japanese girl (none of these were dates I want to stress. Seriously, they didn’t feel like one and I wasn’t getting any kind of ‘vibe’ so no wrong ideas please!). This girl is studying English teaching, as she wants to be a high-school English teacher back in Japan. I really admire anyone who wants to teach kids. I wouldn’t have the patience, plus I suck at teaching! She was fun to talk to though, especially since I love English and I like comparing the nuances of Japanese and English grammar! Did you know that the Japanese call green apples ‘blue apples’ (ao ii ringo) because it’s more of a colour contrast to red apples? They do the same with traffic lights!

After that I was on a bit of a high and spent way too much around London. I went into HMV for CDRs and came out with CDRs….plus £40 worth of DVDs (La Dolce Vita, Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring, Swimming Pool and So Close for you nosy people). And no, the reason I was happy was not because I met two Japanese girls. It’s because I found that feeling I missed from when I was travelling, that feeling of possibility and uncertainty and the thrill of meeting new, interesting people. Summer is here and things are looking bright!



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