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Haru May 15, 2005

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Yesterday I attended my Japanese school’s ‘Spring Party’. Obviously little more than a way for the school to make a little extra cash during the term holidays, but a nice opportunity to socialise nevertheless. Everyone brought a bit of food, supposedly the ‘speciality dish from your country’, so obviously we ended up with lots of cakes! Except for the lot who work at Sony, who imaginatively concluded that alcohol was England’s speciality dish….. I brought prawn crackers incidentally and they went down a treat! Success with very little effort!

It was a nice few hours, a good chance to chat with lots of the other students from other classes, which we don’t do very often. That’s mostly because 1) everyone has lessons at different times and on different days and 2) all lessons are supposed to be in Nihongo! Eigo wa dame desu! It was nice though. A bunch of the guy’s, as I mentioned, work for Sony Interactive as games designers, which is pretty cool. There’s also a kid at the school who’s been learning Japanese since he was ten! Four year’s later, he puts all of us to shame….. There was origami to do and later, had to take part in the usual round of embarassing ‘traditional’ Japanese songs. At least this time it wasn’t a kids song about frogs and instead a song for drunk salarymen: Ahitaga arusa. The lyrics produced much amusement:

Tomorrow is a brand new day.
I have got a dream,
someday I will try to make it come true.

Someone has set up a new enterprise and I stay behind in my office.
Take it easy I tell myself.

My new boss is French and he wouldn’t understand my body language.
But it should be a chance for me as I am studying French again.

All of a sudden, I thought, why am I working so hard?
Is it for my family or for myself?
The answer is in the air!

They say today’s young people are pampered,
but they are better than I was.
I’ll overlook them even if they can’t use an honorific!

Clearly something got lost in the, no doubt automated, translation. Needless to say, the phrase “kotae ha kazenonaka” (the answer is in the air) will be used frequently in lessons from now on.

After the party a bunch of us got very drunk in the pub for eight hours. I had eight pints (one every hour!), got very drunk because I’d eaten nothing but prawn crackers all day and generally made a big fool of myself, though I think we all did. Photos can be found a the link above.



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