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Cutey Honey (Live action movie) May 8, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime, Film.

Hideaki Anno’s live-action adaptation of the classic Go Nagai manga/anime is one whacked out bit of fun. To those of us looking from the west it seems like the bastard child of Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and the old Godzilla movies – and that’s precisely the point. The plot is nonsensical, the characters are immensely lovable and the imagination is superb. Anno blends the ultra-comic Honey action with a mix of anime, wire-work, tacky explosions and over-acting to make a tongue-in-cheek take on the Cutey Honey saga.

Honey is a girl with super-powers of strength and regenerative disguise, endowed on her by her brilliant father, a leading Professor in Nanotechnology. When the evil Sister Jill decides she needs this technology to stay alive, it’s up to Honey to save the world, Tokyo, her new found friends and herself!

Watching this as someone who knows nothing about Cutey Honey, bar the fact that it’s very famous and the basis for all magical-girl anime as we know it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Needless to say, the ridiculously cute Eriko Sato as Honey was one of the big draws in watching this! But she seems perfect for the part of Honey, cute, naive but with a scary authority when in super-hero mode. You can’t really judge acting in a film where everyone is a charicature and the whole thing is based on a comic book, but the interplay between the trio of Honey, ‘Nat-chan’ and Seiji is perfectly deranged, as are the deliciously camp villains! Best of all is the strange, uniquely Japanese and uniquely Hideaki Anno, humour. Kind of a weird take on Japanese working society, traditional values and moral coda with your typical anime slapstick.

Let’s face it only anime and cult-movie fans are gonna enjoy this. To everyone else it’s utter nonsense. But to us it’s fun fun fun!



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