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Iketeru Futari May 7, 2005

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This is a brilliant series that starts off bordering on ecchi but ends up incredibly sweet. And it’s full of rom-com slapstick goodness! There’s only 16 episodes and each is only 5 minutes long, but if you ever fancied a little more than fan-service from the likes of Love Hina, this is it!

Saji Keisuke is the perverted high-schooler who wants nothing more than to get laid! When a chance encounter pairs him with school cutie Akira Koizumi, Saji thinks he has it made (or rather laid). But being a nice guy at heart, Saji ends up losing that rather than his virginity. And he might just be the one to break Akira’s cold exterior.

Sounds like every other rom-com anime out there right? Well, apart from the pervy part. But that’s what makes Iketeru Futari so great. It knows no bounds! High-school sex jokes and embarrassing situations are funny and the creators are gonna push this as far as it goes using every anime cliche with a knowing wink. I really enjoyed this. It’s well written, well animated, incredibly sweet with stunningly cute characters and full of quality fan service! What more could one want, aside from 16 more episodes?



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