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Kung Fu Hustle (2004) May 2, 2005

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After Shaolin Soccer, the West is finally alive to the comic genius of Stephen Chow. As a result, Kung Fu Hustle currently sits pretty at Number 7 in the US box office. It’s not as good as Shaolin Soccer and makes even less sense plot-wise, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. Chow this time plays Sing, one of a pair of idiots who impersonate members of the dreaded axe-gang in order to exploit a small village. Unfortunately, the village seems to be populated with Kung-fu masters and the pair then manage to get the real axe-gang involved too. Caught in the middle, with no hope for a pair of losers, what could happen but some ridiculous plot turns mixed with imaginative martial art sequences?

The brilliance in Kung Fu Hustle lies in the fact that this is largely the age old tale of a small village fighting against a big bad gang. But rather than focusing on the plight of the village masters, we get two idiots as our protagonists. This kind of illogical perspective is what makes Stephen Chow movies so great. It’s not the best Chow movie by any means, but there are few better ways to pass and hour and half than leaping with excitement and laughing your head off.



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