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Full Metal Alchemist 1-2 May 2, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Those eagle-eyed of you might have noticed that I’ve somehow managed to start watching a new series amidst all the rest. The fan favourite Full Metal Alchemist is always in Newtype USA these days and my brother won’t let up with the recommendations, so I’ve finally given in and started watching. I have to admit, the premise didn’t quite appeal to me: two brothers who are ‘alchemists’, professionals able to ‘transmute’ one thing into another, on a quest for the legendary Philosopher’s stone so that they might reclaim their bodies lost in a failed attempt to resurrect their mother……I should have read a bit deeper. Full Metal Alchemist is a fantastic anime, which one should have expected for an anime debuting in spot left vacant by the first Gundam SEED. Like SEED, the animation is top notch, seamlessly blending cell and computer animation. Like SEED, the soundtrack is toe-tappingly catchy. And like SEED, the themes of the plot go far beyond the initial premise. What we have here is a series dealing with redemption and sacrifice, nothing gained for nothing and science versus mysticism. Pretty heavy themes for what looks and sounds initially like a kids anime. But then there is a lot of blood and lost limbs in the first episode alone!

I’m only past episode two, but I’m pretty hooked already. I’ve heard things really pick up from episode six onwards and with 50 in total, there’s a long way to go.



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