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Ah! Megami-sama 1-13 May 2, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Now that we’re past the halfway point of the series, it seems as good a point as any for a bit of series discussion. Ah! Megami-sama (or Ah! My Goddess/Oh! My Goddess in the West) has been popular for as long as I’ve been an anime fan, which dates back to the mid-90s. The ultra-popular manga is still going but, a couple of decent OAVs and a movie aside, it’s taken this long for a TV series adaptation to come out.The series follows typical anime loser Keiichi Morisato, a poor, down-on-his luck student at a Technical College. In between his studies and being ordered around by his sempai’s at the Motor Club (Keiichi is an keen mechanic), all he really wants is to find a nice girl. Lucky for him then (or is it fate?), that one night he dials a wrong number and gets the ‘Goddess help line’. When the stunningly beautiful Belldandy appears before him, he jokingly wishes that she would stay by his side forever – and she does. There are worse things that can happen I’m sure.

The TV anime is a pic ‘n’ mix of stories from the reams of manga over the past ten years. We watch as Keiichi and Belldandy make sense of their situation, find a place to live and deal with all the medelling side-characters that a harem anime has to have (from Belldandy’s Goddess sisters, to devils, Keiichi’s sister, scheming love rivals and Morisato’s misguided Motor club sempai’s). The animation is good and faithful, as one would expect from old hands AIC. A startlingly cheerful Celtic theme sets the tone for the series and a startlingly upbeat end theme finishes it. It’s amusing stuff and relatively blissful, but plot-wise this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Amusing high-jinks are all well and good, but at times it can get a little boring. The good news is that by episode 13, most of the main cast is established and the injection of Belldandy’s ultra-cute sister Skuld adds some life to this sleepy little series.

It’s all so pleasant that I can’t really criticise it. It’s funny contrasting this with a series like Gundam. Clearly I’m not expecting a big exciting climax, since Keiichi and Belldandy are so perfect one can never really see them breaking up. But there are worse things to watch than a happy anime.



1. k-li - November 30, -0001

Do you have all these eps?! Cos I want to get hold of them but can’t download them!!!!

If you have them can I please borrow them!?

2. Aya_s - November 30, -0001

Of course. Looks like they’ll be doing the rounds ’cause Izumi and Eroshik want ’em too!–>

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