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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle #5 April 30, 2005

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Whilst I complain about the anime, the Tsubasa manga is always a pleasure. To show my CLAMP fan loyalty, I recently picked up the rather expensive Clamp no kiseki too, which comes with three rather cute chess pieces of Sakura, Mokona and Mokono!!

Anyway, Tsubasa volume 5 continues the gang’s adventure in fairytale land. The mystery behind the children’s disappearance and the mysterious legend of Princess Emerald are revealed. To bve honest, I was a little disappointed with the villain reveal. It felt a little too Scooby-doo for my liking, but at leat it gave Sakura a little more to do for once. To be fair, she only just woke up a couple of volumes ago, so I guess she’ll gain screentime with memories. Reading along, perhaps I’ve been a little too harsh on Syaoran’s anime seiyuu too. He’s quite the bland hero. I guess his Cardcaptor Sakura persona had that bit of attitude for roundness. I kind of miss that about him. But Kurogane and Fai are fun! I’d like it if the XXXholic crossover bits made a little more sense though. The whole fondout au chocolat thing felt a little too novelty and less useful to the plot. But the new world, of Oni’s and modern day Japan looks really interesting. From the preview Kurogane is gonna kick serious butt next volume. Can’t wait!



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