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Gundam SEED Destiny Ep 24-27 April 27, 2005

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At last SEED Destiny is really picking up. Now that Kira and the Archangel crew are back in action, it seems to have given the rest of the characters a kick-up the backside. The last few episodes have seen more action that the first 20 episodes combined. Kira, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli and the rest of the old school are still trying to figure out how best to handle things. In the meantime, Stellar has danced back into Shinn’s life – this time by single-handedly attacking Minerva in Gaia. Clearly not the sharpest tool in the box. It has however, given Shinn the chance to show an emotion other than ‘pissed off’, though no doubt Stellar’s worsening condition will be excuse enough to revert to kind. Rey’s mysterious past just got more mysterious, thanks to the discovery of the EA’s cloning/’enhanced being’ lab. Chairman Dullandil is finally revealing his true side. Miriallia Haww is back on the Archangel crew! And best of all Freedom has seriously kicked ass! What’s more the next generation of Gundams have been doing the rounds on the discussion boards. Destiny, Knight Justice and Super Freedom (yes, it is a stupid name) make my eyes water just looking at them. Can’t wait to see them in action!

With all this excitement -and a kick ass new opening theme (looks like 3rd SEED opening’s are always the best)- does this mean I’ve changed my mind about the series? We’ll see. Speeding things up doesn’t exactly make for a well-paced storyline. But I guess SEED Destiny is just a bit of a sugar high.



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