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Tsubasa Chronicle Ep 1-2 April 22, 2005

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Being a big fan of the manga and accutely aware that Tsubasa is one big CLAMP-fest this could so turn out wrong. On the surface it’s a little disappointing. Even dismissing the original’s RPG-like concept, the first two episodes are too fast to register emotionally. I know the manga did it too, but somehow it didn’t feel quite as rushed so at least there was some development to the multitude of characters before the rollercoaster begins.

The appointment of the rather bland Bee-Train (Noir) as the animation studio didn’t fill me with glee either. Having said that the animation is pretty good, although there are still far too many money-saving flashbacks for my liking. What I really don’t like are the voice actors! Most are okay, but those for Sakura and especially Syaoran are so wooden it’s unbelievable! These are the main characters for goodness sake! Our old heroes! The girl he loves is in life-threatening jeopardy and he can’t even register a more surprised ‘huh’??

But on the plus side, things are settling down now that the background is filled out and the real adventure storyline begins. The music is decent and the character designs are good. If Syaoran’s seiyuu develops a bit more emotion and they fill out the video-game plot with the usual CLAMP humour they can’t go too far wrong. It’ll take until episode six before I can form a decent impression. But there is potential and I’m waiting to be entertained.


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