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Gundam SEED Destiny #23 March 30, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Well, the rumours were true. GSD finally took off in a big way. After 22 episodes of largely beating around the bush (or in Kira’s case, rocking on his chair), action worthy of the Gundam name came to pass -not least because our ertwhile hero Kira Yamato finally kicked ass.

For half this series we’ve watched the pretender Shinn struggle with the protagonist title. Not that it’s his fault – when the plot wavers back and forth with what seems like a hundred different characters demanding screentime, it’s tough to establish a personality. This only made me more frustrated that Kira, with Freedom Gundam back in service, sat around at the bottom of the ocean with Archangel and crew. Well, he finally showed Shinn, Athrun, ZAFT, ORB and the EAF just what an ‘ultimate coordinator’ in a Nuclear-powered Gundam can do! Hairs stood up at the back of my neck as he took out suit after suit; stolen Gundams, the ridiculous Impulse AND Minerva. Plus they played TM Revolution’s ‘Meteor’ too!!! This was fan-service of a different kind.

No confrontation with Athrun though. And just what was Heine’s death all about? We all knew it was coming (the age old ‘Jpop star as Seiyuu=death after three episodes’ rule), but they could have at least tried for a worthy death. He accidentally flies into Gaia’s path without looking? That’s worse than Stellar and Shinn’s ‘I danced off a cliff face’ meeting. Jeez. Destiny is slowly turning into an anime 24. But more kick-ass action will be enough to keep critics like me happy. Destiny is no SEED, but Gundam is Gundam.



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