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Spring cleaning March 28, 2005

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Merry Easter (or something to that effect)! The loooooooong weekend arrived and boy have I needed it. To say these past few weeks have been hectic would be something of an understatement. I had that interview, work was just unrelenting and even the last few days I haven’t had a chance to really relax. YH came down from Liverpool so of course we ended up doing our usual cycle of eating, drinking, late night discussions and morning anime sessions -some things never change. Not that we didn’t try. Saturday was supposed to be a big dinner/karaoke-fest. It turned out to be a cancellation-fest leaving myself, Nimer and YH to mull things over Korean BBQ and bad British weather. Ho hum, it’s nice to chat though.

My Uncle has also just recently arrived from Malaysia. So in preparation for that, I have been helping to spring clean the familial home (i.e. chuck out the old crap I left lying around in order to make room). This of course, leads to much reminiscing. It’s amazing how much crap one can hoard. I had three boxes of old FHM magazines. I binned (most of) them, saving any with Louise Nurding on the front of course. I found a bag full of newspapers from the day after United won the European Cup. I found every programme from every gig, theatre production, sporting event or festival I have ever attended, as well as a whole bunch of 90s anime memorabilia I forgot I even had. I apparantly had an Eric Cantona annual, a Sabrina the Teenage Witch annual not to mention more articles on Martina Hingis than seems healthy. I have kinder egg models made on ferries in New Zealand! Not to mention a truckload of old videos. And not one of them was porn (no really).

The time had come to be ruthless. The rule is: if you keep stuff long enough, eventually you care less enough to throw it out.



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