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Fruits Basket ep1-4 March 28, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

So here’s a series which really surprised me. In the midst of my My-HiME addiction, we decide to watch a bit of Fruits Basket instead. My immediate reaction: “WHY??!!”. As much as I go for the odd harem anime, the idea of a reverse-gender harem anime is less appealing. Moreover, the story just sounds bizarre but thin. Honda Tohru is a high school girl who, upon her mother’s unfortunate death and grandfather’s house renovation, decides to live in a tent (!). It’s there that she comes to know the Soma family, a family with a deep secret – they all turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when stressed or hugged by someone of the opposite sex. And much hilarity ensues!!

Clearly, bizarre enough to have huge comedic potential. As my friend pointed out, ‘It’s Ranma for the noughties generation’. Sure, it’s high on the slapstick, high on the sweetness, high on the age-old concept of love tria…erm..dodecahedron. But Fruits Basket somehow maintains dignity throughout this and not just because they’re all ridiculously pure-hearted. The series is tender and patient (read slow if you’re into your action), like watching the cherry blossoms dance in the wind……

Very-likeable, very funny, very sweet. I’d definitely like to see more of this….but maybe after some more robots and lasers….



1. k-li - November 30, -0001

Fruit’s basket is an amazing anime.

Although a bit confusing, it i thought the (kind of) simple-ness of it all gave the show a nice calm feel.

I really enjoyed it, and the characters were very engaging and you came to love them all ^_^ … except the rat. He is annoying. I love Kyo though ^^

2. Aya_s - November 30, -0001

I gotta watch episode 5 onwards! K-li, have you got them?

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