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TV March 6, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in TV.

Happy Mothers Day! On a totally unrelated subject, I’ve spent Sunday evening catching up on my weekly TV. It’s not very interesting, but my TV diet has shrunk significantly over the years. Yet I still watch a good five hours of stuff a week. My current palatte consists of: The OC (OC rules!!!!), Desperate Housewives, ER, Malcolm in the middle, Joey and 24.

What about Joey? Just recently started on Five and falling in the ratings in the US. Does anybody find this funny? I have to admit it’s a little better than the last few series of Friends, but that’s not saying much. Somehow it still has a ‘jumped the shark’ stench about it – like an arm that’s been lopped off and brought to life in Frankenstein experiments (or some better metaphor). I don’t know. I watch it every week out of loyalty to the Friends franchise more than anything. A lot of it is excruciatingly bad, but occasionally it’s so incredibly stupid that you have to laugh. Like Joey’s incredibly nerdy fat neighbour. I have to admit though, I did enjoy the last scene tonight where Joey does the Richard III monologue. Stupid, but funny in a switched off brain kind of way.

Which brings me to my current Number 1 show! The OC rulz (with a emphasis on the ‘z’!). People (i.e. YH) have been going on about this show for a year, but I really got into it whilst I was in Oz in November. Maybe it was the sun or the holiday vibe, or the fact that I bought YH the DVDs for Xmas and secretly watched them myself first…..but there’s something hyperactively addictive about it that keeps you coming back for more. I’ve said this a million times: the show is bad from a technical point of view. But the sheer slickness of it all – the soundtrack, the dialogue, the second hand soap plots – it just keeps me enthralled! Plus I’ve really needed something as throwaway and distracting as this over the past few months. It seems tailor made for miserable, heartbroken winters in England. But I’m in dire need of some OC discussion. I can’t believe they’ve managed to keep the ridiculous plotlines going, but season 2 has been every bit as fast paced as season 1. I have to admit, the new characters are growing on me, but I’m really pleased that it hasn’t intruded on the our core teen dynamic: Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer. Unlike Friends, it just goes to show you can have a support group and other friends too. But how long before our fab four become a standard six? And what about the Lyndsey revelation?????? Can’t wait for Tuesday!!!

And finally 24. Still as ridiculous as ever, but it does seem more exciting this series. The whole Arab terrorism story was a brave one though – or maybe an easy one to pass because it’s relevant. Not sure. Am very glad they disposed of the entire previous cast though. But the return of Tony in today’s episode really did get me excited. I hate getting excited about 24. It makes me feel like I’d just eaten a big tub of Haagen-Daaz or looked up pictures of Kelly Brook at work. I guess besides Malcolm and the habit of ER, most of my TV viewing habits are just pure guilty pleasures. Escapism. Man, I really am getting old. Or maybe regressed?



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